How Do I Stop Links From Redirecting Me to Different Sites?

How Do I Stop Links From Redirecting Me to Different Sites? thumbnail
Protect your Web browsing by preventing website direction.

Website redirection is a method used on the Internet for automatically sending a visitor to another location. This location may be a different page on the same website or a new doman or URL completely. You do not have to click on anything to be redirected, so you have no control if you are being redirected. Some instances of website redirection are for malicious reasons such as infecting visitors with spyware or viruses. Therefore, disabling your Web browser's ability to redirect you automatically is a useful option to have.


    1. Disable Redirecting in "Mozilla Firefox"

      • 1

        Click "Tools."

      • 2

        Click "Options."

      • 3

        Click the "Advanced" tab.

      • 4

        Click the "General" tab.

      • 5

        Check the box next to "Warn me when websites try to redirect or reload the page."

      • 6

        Click "OK."

      Disable Redirecting in "Internet Explorer"

      • 7

        Click "Tools."

      • 8

        Click "Internet Options."

      • 9

        Click the "Security" tab.

      • 10

        Click "Custom Level."

      • 11

        Scroll down to Miscellaneous and click "Disable" under "Allow META-REFRESH."

      • 12

        Click "OK." and "OK." once more.

      Disable Redirecting in Google Chrome

      • 13

        Click on the "Customize and control Google chrome" button. This is pictured as a wrench.

      • 14

        Click "Options."

      • 15

        Click "Under the Hood."

      • 16

        Click the box next to "Enable phishing and malware protection."

      • 17

        Close the "Options" tab.


    Tips & Warnings


      Mozilla Firefox currently has an add-on, "NoRedirect" that can take further steps on preventing website redirection.


      It's possible for a virus or spyware to infect a computer and still redirect you to other websites even after you've followed these steps. You should have a virus scanner and spyware remover installed and updated at all times to protect your computer from these sorts of attacks.

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